Scheduling StorePorter tasks

StorePorter can be started with command line parameters that control automated processes that are designed to be run without user interaction. You can create shortcuts with these command line parameters or allow Windows Task Scheduler to initiate the processes on a schedule.   

Daily Product Maintenance

StorePorter can be configured to run Product Maintenance automatically by using the /MaintProduct command line option. Product Maintenance scans the product database for products that have been changed or date 

Sync All

Starting StorePorter using the /SyncAll command line option that will run a full sync cycle and exit when complete. This feature automates the same process that can be run interactively from the Sync All button on the main StorePorter form.

Scheduling with Task Scheduler

StorePorter command line tasks are designed to be run by a Windows component called Task Scheduler. This documentation shows how to setup tasks for StorePorter automation, but we recommend you seek assistance from StorePorter Support rather than configuring on your own. You can book a call by clicking here.

To implement unattended tasks, select a computer that will be left running and connected to the network. StorePorter must be installed on this system and must have access to the internet and the local back office database.

Creating a task


  1. Start Task Scheduler by hitting the Windows key and typing sched:

    Right-click on Task Scheduler and click Run as Administrator:

  2. Create a new task by clicking on the create task button on the right panel:

    Select the Run weather user is logged in or not and check the Run with highest privileges:


  3. Select the Triggers tab and click the New button:


  4. Adjust the Repeat task every: and for a duration of: as desired and click OK:

  5. Go to the actions tab and click the new button as in the step above.

  6. Configure the action to call run StorePorter with the appropriate command line options to run the desired task.

    Use the Browse button to navigate to StorePorter.exe usually, located in C:\Program Files (x86)\StorePorter. Place the command line switch for the desired task into the Add arguments (optional) field. Select and copy the StorePorter path from the Program/script field and paste it into the Start in (optional): field. Be sure to remove any quotation marks in the Start in (optional): field. Click OK when complete:

    For example, the following action will run the SyncAll task:

  7. Select the Conditions tab. Set the Task to Wake the computer to run this task and Start only if the following network connection is available with Any connection:

  8. Click OK to complete task creation.

  9. Right click on the new task in the task list and select Run to test the task.

    The status should change to Running from Ready and events will begin to appear in the History tab if history is enabled.

    After the task runs the status will return to Ready. Messages will also be logged in StorePorter's AutoRun Log file located in %appdata%/StorePorter/logs/AutoRun.log.txt.


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