Showing the "On Sale" badge in BigCommerce

Some BigCommerce templates, for instance the Cornerstone Theme, support the display of a Product Sale Badge on products listed in Category grids and search results. This behavior is triggered when there is a non-zero value in the BigCommerce Retail Price field, and that value is larger than the value in either the Price (if Sale Price is empty), or Sale Price (if not empty). If the prices differ and Retail Price is larger, BigCommerce will display the badge, show the Retail Price struck out, and display Price or Sale Price as the product's actual price.

For example, this configuration:


will display to shoppers in the selection grid like this:

and on the product detail page like this:

StorePorter affects this behavior in the following ways:

  • Whatever is configured for Retail and standard pricing in the back office system is simply passed through to BigCommerce.
  • When a product has a Sale Price configured in StorePorter, the sync process checks to see if a Retail Price is configured. If not, at the start of the sale, StorePorter copies the Price (Base Price) value into Retail Price to trigger the badge.
  • When StorePorter determines that a sale has ended, if there is a Retail Price on a product, and that price matches the Price (Base Price), StorePorter sets the Retail Price back to an empty value.
  • If configured to do so, StorePorter will reflect in-store promotions configured in the back office system, and the above behaviors are triggered.
  • Finally, StorePorter has an optional setting to embed a sale price message in the product description when a product is on sale, reinforcing the idea that the shopper is saving money on a purchase. When enabled, a message is inserted at the beginning of the description, in red lettering:

    [product detail screen shot with message]

    If the sale pricing is in effect for a Family, and there are differing prices on members of the family, StorePorter calculates the potential range of savings and adjusts the message accordingly.

    [product detail screen shot with range of savings message]

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