Update From Vendor Catalog

  1. As Usual always make sure to have a good backup of your IMS data before proceeding in case there is an error in processing.  
  2. Prepare the spreadsheet to match the format required by the Standard Excel Import.
  3. See attached "Standard Excel Sample this format can have additional fields( such as UDFC1-3 to be attached to the items with a custom utility after the import is complete Spreadsheet must be in Excel 95 format or VFP will CRASH!
  4. 2020-04-17_21-26-22.jpg
  5. 2018-01-08_15-32-31.png
  6. We'll Start with all of the prices at $1.002020-04-17_18-47-01.jpg
  7. In IMS open Data>Vendor Catalog2018-01-09_11-18-44.png
  8. If there is an existing catalog you delete it and recreate it empty 
  9. Make sure the excel spreadsheet is closed before trying to import. 
  10. Choose the Detail Tab2018-01-09_13-07-18.png
  11. Click the "Interface" button on the toolbar2018-01-09_13-09-03.png
  12. 2020-04-17_18-49-39.jpg
  13. 2020-04-17_18-54-11.jpg
  14. 2020-04-17_18-56-01.jpg
  15. 2020-04-17_18-57-17.jpg
  16. 2020-04-17_18-59-28.jpg2020-06-11_15-26-38.jpg
  17. 2020-04-17_19-00-09.jpg
  18. 2020-04-17_19-00-25.jpg
  19. 2020-04-17_19-01-58.jpg
  20. 2020-04-17_19-03-56.jpg
  21. And now the prices reflect what was imported into the vendor catalog.2020-04-17_20-53-53.jpg
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