Version 1.5.39 released

New in this release:


  • Resync of in-store search keywords is now configurable.
  • A number of performance improvements have been made to Web Sync, reducing overall sync time.
  • Families can now by synced separately from Products.
  • In conjunction with web store plugins for multiple product images from StorePorter's ProStores Design Services, multiple product images with zoom are now managed by StorePorter.  Email for details.
  • StorePorter now manages both a source image folder and a resized image folder.  This allows for product images to be tagged in from any location, because StorePorter copies the image to the managed location, eliminating the need to copy images from CD, DVD or other location prior to tagging.  Managed folder locations are individually configurable, and separate from database location.
  • Image naming has been simplified.
  • Family member products can now be configured to displayed in the Product grid, if desired.
  • Family form is now filterable.

Bug Fixes

  • Family products now default to Taxable.
  • HTML preview features in the Family form now behave like those in the Product form.
  • Sync errors have been dramatically reduced.  Certain obscure conditions caused several stores to show a large percentage of categories, products, and family members to fail re-sync because StorePorter was attempting to add them as new when they already exists.  This problem has been resolved.
  • Product and family image changes now correctly flow through the syncing process and are not ignored.
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