Updated: Important note about ProStores version 9.3.1 and above

****UPDATE: The warning in this post is no longer applicable with the release of StorePorter build 1.6.2000 and above.  See this post for more details.

StorePorter servers were upgraded to ProStores version 9.3.1 overnight on Monday, 3/29/2010.  Appropriate testing was completed by StorePorter support staff prior to the upgrade, and all StorePorter features worked with ProStores in our tests.  This upgrade is at no charge to our hosting clients: monthly hosting includes ProStores upgrades.

This ProStores version includes support for a multiple image feature for products, natively supporting up to four images per product.  This is a new feature, not to be confused with the multiple image support plugin that StorePorter has offered for over a year.  The new ProStores feature is disabled, by default, for existing stores.  This is important because it poses several problems for existing store owners and StorePorter users:

  • FTP upload of images is no longer supported by ProStores, once the feature is activated.  StorePorter has used FTP for image management since it was first released, because it is more efficient and faster than alternatives.  At StorePorter, we are currently developing support for the upload method that is now required by ProStores, to release within the next 60 days.  This will be optional for stores that do not opt-in to the new image feature, and mandatory for those that do.
  • Existing store designs do not support the multiple image feature.  Stores that opt-in and have a custom design will need to work with their store designer to update templates to implement the new feature.  Stores that use a standard ProStores template would need to select a new template that supports the feature, then re-apply any customization.
  • Images prepared and uploaded by StorePorter in the past were optimized for fastest upload and best site performance.  The new ProStores feature re-processes all existing store images upon opt-in, and may reduce the quality of images already in place, or be unable to convert some.  Once StorePorter supports the new image management method, this concern will be addressed.

At this time, it is imperative that StorePorter users NOT choose to opt-in to the new feature.  Doing so would disable all image management provided by StorePorter.  Watch for future announcements, as we introduce support for this feature.

Customers that currently use the StorePorter plug-in for multiple image support can continue to do things as they always have.  Our plug-in will continue to support up to eight images per product, with zoom and hover-tag support.

Please contact StorePorter Support with any further questions regarding this issue:
By email: 
By phone: (888) 765-SYNC or 888-765-7962

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