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Creating Text Templates will lessen the time and effort you put into product description, while making your content consistent for your customers.  Text Templates allow you to create a text box - as many words you need, in whatever format you choose (examples might be things like washing or care instructions or a standard size many products come in). Once the template is made, you can access it through it's template name and enter it into any description you're writing. You'll see the template name in your StorePorter description but all that will display on your site is the text. This eliminates your need to rewrite repetitive care instructions, etc. in each individual product description. The other great aspect of this is that if something changes about the info in that text, you only need to change the template once and after syncing, it will change every product on your website that uses that template.

To use: Go to Main Form>Tools>Text Templates. You'll see a blank screen like this:



Click Add to create a new template. (You can also Edit, Delete or Rename or Deactivate a previously created template from here.) Or Close to exit out.



1. Name the template. For example, say you carry a number of products from Company XYZ, half of which are various types of decorative towels. All their decorative towels are 100% cotton and require the same washing instructions to be listed on each product. So you might Name your template XYZ Decorative Towel Content and Care Instructions.

2. You can assign the product's Brand. Clicking on the little square box of 3 dots (at the end of the Brand box) will bring up a list of your vendors. Choose the one associated with the product you are creating the template for.**

**Note: Assigning a Brand is a really good choice, because it then becomes impossible to assign a template to a product not associated with that brand, which avoids product mix-up. Different companies often carry products same-name products, which can cause confusion for sure. In our example you'd be sure to choose the XYZ Company from the Brand list, so that your other vendor, Max's Dry-Clean-Only-Towels didn't accidentally get assigned this template for their Decorative Hand Towels (Silk). You can make up a separate template for Max's Dry-Clean-Only-Towels giving the correct care instructions to...guess what...Dry Clean Only.

3. Paste template content (rather than link) will insert the text instead of a link and will not be updated if the template is later changed.

4. The Clear Fmt button will clear formatting from any text typed or pasted onto your screen.

Once you Save it, the template is created.


Images can be added to text templates just like in products and families

Go to BigCommerce>Storefront>Image Manager and upload your jpg image.



Using the URL from the CDN allows 


In StorePorter open Text Templates 


Paste in the URL you copied from the step above



Now, when you Add or Edit a Description to a Product, you can add the template name and these words will appear on your site as part of the product description or warranty.(See Product Descriptions in User Guide for instructions on adding descriptions.) You can place the template in whatever position you want the words to display on your page.

Another option would be to make the words "Care and Content" their own template so you could use it for all the products you sell. You could then add individual information by hand as well as using another template. Of course anytime numerous products have the same content or care instructions or anything else really, you can create a template and attach it to each product's description. The possibilities are endless and we're happy to help you brainstorm about your company's unique set up and needs.

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