XStandard HTML Editor

StorePorter now uses XStandard HTML Editor for product descriptions. You reach this screen by going to Main Form, choosing Products (this looks like a UPC code bar; hover your mouse over it and "edit products" will appear) and then choosing the name of the Product whose description you want to edit.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you've been using NBit up to now, please contact us before making the change to XStandard HTML (need to run script cleanHTMLForXStandard  prior to editing descriptions previously saved in nBit editor.

You can choose which editor you use in tools>options>Data/Sync>Presentation


The XStandard HTML Editor menu for Products looks like the screen below. (Families will have a similar icon screen.) The numbered blue boxes on the screen coordinate with the icon descriptions below.

  1. style Select style from available styles - driven by website design
  2. cut (cuts whatever you have highlighted)
  3. copy (copies whatever you have highlighted)
  4. paste (pastes in the last copied or cut text)
  5. bold (makes following  text or highlighted text bold)
  6. italicize (makes text following or highlighted text italicized)
  7. underline (makes text following or highlighted text underlined
  8. 123 lines (allows you to insert numerical list)
  9. bullet lines (allows you to insert an unordered list)
  10. definition list (opens drop down box with options) see definition list properties
  11. draw layout table (allows you to draw a layout table)
  12. draw data table (allows you to insert a table for data) see data properties options
  13. image (allows you to insert an image) see image properties options
  14. image+A (allows you to shows an image as text)
  15. line (allows you to insert a separation)
  16. chain link (allows you to create or edit a hyperlink)
  17. ABC (allows you to check spelling/add commonly used words to dictionary)
  18. XML (view source code see below)

  1. Indent(indents text)
  2. Show White Space
  3. WordWrap
  4. DimTags(Allows Description text to stand out)
  5. Validate Code(checks html for errors)
  6. Edit(Return to Edit Mode)


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