Glossary of Terms


  • Back Office - refers to your inventory management, POS or accounting software
  • Brands - a Product's manufacturer; can be attached to Product records
  • Categories - used to group Products in an online store for navigation purposes; can have no parent Category (top-level) or point to any other category as parent (subcategory); nesting dept is unlimited but 4 levels is a usable maximum in most cases
  • Collections - Products that are related and can be suggested for purchase together with other related products such as a quilt and bedding set that are color or pattern related. For use in Multiple Add to Cart.
  • Coupons - used to override pricing for Products, Shipping or entire Orders
  • Family - a specialized type of product offered with options like color or size; each combination of options correlates to a particular SKU; used to group products that require a single description, for instance apparel items
  • Custom Fields - a flexible, optional data element for assigning a personalized field to Products and Families
  • Filter - used to limit the visible records in StorePorter data forms
  • Merge - combine two categories into a single one
  • Family Options - each choice a shopper makes to select a specific Member product in a Family
  • Products - items you sell in your online store
  • Reindex - rebuild database indexes
  • Sync - udpates data among the various platforms that StorePorter links
  • Text Templates - named, reusable blocks of HTML content; eliminates having to type duplicate content into multiple descriptions by linking to and merging the block dynamically; centralized editing allows a single change to update many Products and Families
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