How do I set up WebDAV for Bigcommerce in Windows 10?

Bigcommerce exclusively supports the WebDAV protocol to transfer files to merchant storage.

WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is a set of extensions to HTTP/1.1. It is an open, published standard that allows you to edit documents on a remote web server.

WebDAV is supported natively in Windows 10 and is easy to setup, in just three simple steps:

  1. Identify your Bigcommerce credentials (Path, Username, Password)
  2. Map a Network Drive using those credentials 
  3. Login, Validate and Save the connection when you connect for the very first time

If you are unfamiliar with mapping network drives, let's get into some further detail:

To identify your Bigcommerce credentials (Step one from above)

  1. Login to Bigcommerce
  2. Find your Users Credentials under Setup and Tools under Advanced Tools > File Access (WebDAV)                                                                
  3. The credentials will be listed under the Setup Details                          **Note If you have Multiple user accounts each user can have their own WebDAV credentials. Individual account's credentials can be found in Bigcommerce under Users>Actions>Edit (Scroll down to the bottom) under WebDAV
  4. Copy the WebDAV path to your clipboard but leave the window open because you will need to copy two more items

To Map a Network Drive (Step two from above)

  1. Open File Explorer choose the "Computer" tab, Select "This PC" and Click the "Map network drive" button. 
  2. Check the box for "Connect using different credentials"
  3. Click on the link "Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures" The Add Network Location Wizard will open.
  4. Click Next and then "Choose a custom network location"
  5. Paste in the Server address you copied from Step three from above and Click Next
  6. Type a name you will recognize later for this Drive Mapping, ie: "Bigcommerce WebDAV access"
  7. Click Next

 To Login for the very first time (Step three from above)

  1. Make sure the box "Open this network location when I click Finish" is checked and Click Finish                   It will ask for your user id and password which should still be visible in your Bigcommerce window from step three above. Cut and Paste them in and check the remember my credentials box and then OK 
  2. The next time you need to access the WebDAV folders you will only need to open your file explorer and look for the name you gave the Mapped Drive.

** Note WebDAV drive mappings cannot be shared. Each windows user should create their own drive mapping or there will be permissions issues.


Alternate Setup with StorePorter Options

Simply select the Drive Letter and it should be mapped the next time you sync to BigCommerce


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