Converted "Abandoned Cart" Orders Do Not Sync

If shoppers leave your Bigcommerce site with products in their shopping cart, they may leave what is known as an 'abandoned cart'. If they go through the checkout process far enough to login or supply Bill To information, Bigcommerce assigns an order number to the order, and begins the process of trying to convert the abandoned cart to a sale. While this is an awesome feature, the pre-assignment of order numbers can cause problems with StorePorter order processing.

If your StorePorter is configured to Get orders by Since Last Order, it is likely that an order sync will skip orders that are "abandoned" at the time of the sync. If such orders are later converted to sales, they are not recognized as new and are not synced. A new Get orders by method was introduced in build 1.7.0884 of StorePorter to resolve this issue.

To configure the new order retrieval method, open Tools>Options from the main menu. Select the Ecommerce App tab, and then the Settings sub-tab. Set the Get orders by option to Modified Since Last Sync.

Upon selecting this method for the first time, StorePorter will automatically set the Sync since value to 7 days prior. This value can be edited to a different date/time, if desired, at any time with no risk of order duplication. Moving forward, StorePorter updates this value automatically at the start of each invoice sync.

Syncing by Modified Since Last Sync will retrieve any orders that have been modified since the start of last order sync (automatically adjusted for time zone). This method provides two key benefits: 1) abandoned cart conversions will be synced, and 2) order status for previous synced orders will be updated in StorePorter to match Bigcommerce.

Since build 1.7.0884, this is the preferred and default method for Bigcommerce order syncs.


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