Working with Facets

Facets (stored in StorePorter as custom fields) can be added to Products and Families one-by-one during edits via the Custom tab. Editing large volumes of facet content is much more efficient to do via export/import. This article primarily covers this strategy of exporting data, editing in a spreadsheet, then re-importing. It's important that at least one product have a representative set of facets applied prior to the initial export so the export process can build a pre-formatted spreadsheet with appropriate columns. Our examples for this article assume a single facet called Collection.

  1. Select a Product and click Edit. Select the Custom tab and click Add to add a facet. Call facet 'Collection' and assign a proper value to the Text field.

If this tab is not available it can be activated from Tools>Options>Data/Sync>Show custom fields. 

  1. Export a product template to a file you can edit in Google Sheets or Excel using the attached facetExport.scp script. (For information on running scripts, click here.)
  2. Edit the File and add any facets to the FACETCOLLECTION column next to the product. You can add multiple facets by using the PIPE(|) on most keyboards it is on the key above the enter key (SHIFT) "\" to seperate the values.
  3. Import the file using Import>Product/Family Custom Fields. Once the file is Imported the facets will be added to the products.



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