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Auto-proper case product names

  • If product names are stored in all upper case in your back office data, enabling this option will automatically format the name in proper case. For example, a product named REALLY AWESOME PRODUCT would become Really Awesome Product.
  • If this option is not selected, the Proper button on the Product and Family forms can still be used to proper case individual names.
  • Enabling this option will have no effect on existing product records in StorePorter. It will also have no effect on data in the back office system.

Auto-link families

  • When enabled, this feature uses data from the back office system to automatically group products into families. See specific articles for Axis, V6 (ARS) and QuickBooks Point-of-Sale for details on how to prepare back office data.
  • Not supported with QuickBooks Financial as back office
  • Ask to create new families n time(s)
    • If the option is not checked, StorePorter will automatically create families without prompting the user.
    • If this option is checked, StorePorter will prompt the user before creating new families from Products identified as potential families.
    • If the user declines to create a family, StorePorter will stop asking once it has asked the number of times specified.
    • Clear all Family prompt history
      If this button is clicked, StorePorter will reset all family prompt counts to zero, and re-prompt for families that had previously reached the prompt limit.

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