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Products can be added or updated in StorePorter via import. The import file must be in CSV format with the appropriate column names. Any column names not recognized will be ignored. All imports must include a SKU column with a value for each row. If a product already exists with the supplied SKU value, the record will be updated with the field values supplied in the row. If it does not exist in StorePorter, a new product record will be created with the supplied values.

Special considerations

  • Up to 4 locally stored images or up to 8 web-hosted images can be referenced against a particular product for import. If the product already exists, these images will be added to any images that may already exist for the product.
  • A single category reference can be included per product row. The format for category reference is level1[[:level2]:level3]. As many levels as necessary may be added per category. For example for a category of Outerwear within Mens within Clothing the reference would be Clothing:Mens:Outerwear.  If a category reference is supplied for a category that does not exist in StorePorter, the category itself will also be added.

    If additional categories are to be assigned to a product, additional rows must be added to the CSV file with the same SKU and the additional category references. The recommended approach in this case is to fill just SKU and CategoryName fields for all but the last record for a SKU, in which all desired fields should be filled.
  • New families can be automatically created during import if the appropriate data rules are met. See <specific article on creating families via import>.

Import format

  • We recommed you create imports in Google Sheets. You can reference the import template here as a Google spreadsheet. Google Sheets is the recommended platform for editing import files. The link above is read-only, but you can save a copy to your own Google Drive for editing. Once the data is ready, choose File > Download > Comma-separated values:

  • The same template is also available here in Excel format. Similarly, we recommend editing as an Excel sheet. Once complete, save the file as .CSV for import.
  • In either format it is only required to include columns you wish to update. We recommend you remove any columns you don't wish to change in a particular import.
  • See the Import template field reference below.

Processing the import

  • From the StorePorter File menu, choose Import > Products

  • In the Import Products dialog, point to your prepared import file. If you included image references, specify whether you are using web-hosted images or local images.


  • If you are using local images, you'll need to point to a folder where you've staged the images.


  • Click OK and the import will proceed. You'll notice that the process of the import strongly resembles a sync with your back office product. The process is essentially the same, substituting your import data for back office data.

Import template field reference

Column name BigCommerce field
This column is required for all imports and used to match for update.
Name Name Product name
Active Visible
TRUE or FALSE. Items coded FALSE will not show in search results or category listings.
Description Description Free-form product description. HTML allowed, but must be a single-line text stream with no carriage returns or line feeds.
Warranty Warranty
Free-form field designed for warranty information, but often re-purposed in customized templates. Same HTML rules as Description.
Attribute1Label First option label
Used for auto-linking families
Attribute2Label Second option label
Used for auto-linking families
Attribute3Label Third option label
Used for auto-linking families
AttributeText1 First option value
Used for auto-linking families
AttributeText2 Second option value
Used for auto-linking families
AttributeText3 Third option value
Used for auto-linking families
Availability Availability  "available", "disabled" or "preorder"
AvailablilityDescription AvailabilityDescription Optional detail about expected shipping turnaround
BasePrice Default Price Regular selling price
CategoryName CategoryName Category to assign to the product. Format: Level1:Level2:Level3. If the supplied category is not assigned to the product it will be added. Categories cannot be removed by import. One category can be supplied per row. To add additional categories, add another row with the same SKU and an additional category.
Condition Condition "new", "used" or "refurbished"
DoNotHideZeroQty Do not track inventory Makes product always orderable
DoNotPurge Do not purge Exempts product from StorePorter purge feature
ExcludeFromShippingEnabled Free shipping Exclude product from any shipping calculation
Featured Featured TRUE to include product in featured products block on front page
GoogleAgeGroup **StorePorter only** "None","Adult" or "Kids"
GoogleAttribute1 **StorePorter only** Used only in StorePorter family auto-linking
GoogleAttribute2 **StorePorter only** Used only in StorePorter family auto-linking
GoogleCategory **StorePorter only** Assign from Google category taxonomy
GoogleGender **StorePorter only** "None","Male","Female","Unisex"
GoogleInclude **StorePorter only** Include in StorePorter Google Merchant Center feed
GoogleShipping **StorePorter only** Product-specific shipping to display in Google Shopping
GoogleType **StorePorter only** Optional type field for StorePorter Google Merchant Center feed
HidePrice Hide Price If availability is "disabled", TRUE will hide the price on the product page
HidePriceLabel Hide Price Label Message to show in place of price if price hidden; often "Call for pricing"
InventoryThreshold **StorePorter only** Quantity to reserve from quantity to sell; if qty is 10 and this is 6, 4 will be sent to BigCommerce
InventoryThresholdPercentage **StorePorter only** Percentage of inventory to reserve from qty to sell; it qty is 10 and this is 60, 4 will be sent to BigCommerce
InventoryThresholdType **StorePorter only** "Quantity" respects InvetoryThreshold; "Percentage" respects InventoryThresholdPercentage
ISBN Bin Picking Number Optional inventory picking location
Length Depth Product length in inches
Width Width Product width in inches
Height Height Product height in inches
Weight Weight Product weight in pounds; partial pounds expressed as decimals
MPN Manufacturer Part # Manufacturer part number
NaturalSearchDescription Meta Description Meta description for search engines; in Google results, shows below product name/page title
OEM Brand  
OrderQtyMax Order Quantity Max The maximum quantity for a product on a single customer order
OrderQtyMin Order Quantity Min The minimum quantity for a product on an order
PageTitle Page Title Optional title to override the standard page title generated by BigCommerce
PreorderAutoAvailable Remove preorder If TRUE, change status from preorder to available on a predefined dated; else FALSE
PreorderMessage Preorder Message Explanatory message to display while in preorder availability
PreorderReleaseDate Preorder Release Date Date when availability automatically changes from "preorder" to "available"
Quantity Available to Sell This number minus InventoryThreshold is sent to BigCommerce as Available to Sell
RetailPrice MSRP  
SalePrice Sale Price Promotional price
IgnoreSaleDates **StorePorter only** TRUE to keep product "on sale" indefinitely
SaleStartDate **StorePorter only** Inclusive date to start a promotion
SaleEndDate **StorePorter only** Inclusive end date for a promotion
ShippingCost Fixed Shipping Price Explicit cost to ship product
SHQDimensionalRules Dimensional Rules ShipperHQ field
SHQOriginLocations Origin Locations ShipperHQ field
SHQShippingGroups Shipping Groups ShipperHQ field
SortOrder   Abitrary listing priority; impractical for large SKU counts
Taxable **StorePorter only** StorePorter makes the appropriate setting changes in BigCommerce to make products taxable or non-taxable; TRUE is taxable
TemplateName Template Layout File Allows for override of standard product template
Type Product Type "physical" or "downloadable"
UPC Product UPC/EAN  
MediaItem1 - 4 **StorePorter only** Supply up to 4 filenames of locally stored images, all in a single staging folder for the entire import. If a referenced file exists, it will be added to the product during import. Images cannot be removed by import.
WebImage1 - 8 **StorePorter only** Supply up to 8 image URLs. If a referenced image can be downloaded successfully, it will be added to the product during the import. Images cannot be removed by import.


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