Syncing Procedures

Syncing is the process of moving data between StorePorter and its various data partners. On the web, this is typically BigCommerce. Back office data partners include AcuSport V6, AcuSport Axis, QuickBooks and QuickBooks Point-of-Sale.

The Sync Cycle

As a merchant, it is import that you establish regular, standard syncing procedures to insure that your data is accurate at every level. The proper order for a full sync cycle is as follows:

  1. Sync orders from the web to StorePorter
  2. Sync orders from StorePorter to the back office
  3. Sync data from the back office to StorePorter
  4. Sync data from StorePorter to the web

This order is important for proper maintenance of inventory position in the back office. Steps #1 and #2 bring orders placed online into the back office system to relieve inventory and book revenue for the products sold online. Steps #3 and #4 move updated inventory quantities from the back office to the online store.

If you prefer to complete this cycle will a single click, StorePorter provides a Sync All button. If this button is not visible on your dashboard, you can enable it via Tools>Options on the General tab:

Once enabled, the button is visible in the back office bar of the StorePorter dashboard.

Clicking Sync All will process all four sync steps, listed above, in the proper order.

Sync Frequency

The frequency with which you'll need to sync depends on your business flows. All businesses should sync at least once each business day. Circumstances that change product inventory levels or other kinds of data changes may demand more frequent syncs. Examples of such factors include:

  • Sales through a brick and mortar
  • Phone orders not placed in via the online store
  • Wholesale orders
  • New product additions or other data maintenance
  • Online store contains product from other inventory sources, such as drop ship suppliers, where inventory levels may change frequently

As a merchant, once you consider these factors you'll probably have a good idea of what your sync frequency should be.

Automatic Syncs

Once your store procedures are well established you may wish to setup your syncs to run automatically. If you'd like to do this, please book a call with StorePorter support by clicking here. We'll help you evaluate your need and setup a strategy to schedule and monitor your syncs.

More information about scheduling StorePorter tasks is available here.

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