Gift certificates

BigCommerce gift certificates

BigCommerce offers a optional, built-in gift certificate management system that handles purchase, delivery, redemption, etc. For more information on this feature, click here.

StorePorter suggest that you ask your BigCommerce web developer about customizing gift certificate email formats to your brand.

Point-of-sale gift certificates

Some point-of-sale systems also offer sale, redemption and tracking of gift certificates or gift cards.

What integrates and what doesn't

StorePorter provides support for properly syncing orders from BigCommerce to the back office system for the purchase of online gift certificates, and for orders that are fully or partially tendered with a onlie gift certificate. Settings to support this are configured by StorePorter support staff during your initial setup. Once configured, data will flow to the accounting system to accumulate and relieve gift certificate liability.

For a number of reasons, StorePorter does not support cross-redemption of online and in-store gift certificates. Each system functions independently of the other. In-store gift certificates and gift cards can be redeemed only in the store. Online gift certificates can be redeemed only online.


While it not possible to cross-redeem gift values online and in-store, the following scenarios are possible:

  • Sell in-store gift cards online
    It is possible to create Products or Families in StorePorter from non-stock, non-taxable items in the back office. This makes it possible to for a purchaser to have a gift card mailed to a recipient, and have that recipient shop in-store. For details on how to set this up, click here.
  • Convert an online gift certificate to an in-store gift card
    If a customer purchases an online gift card and wishes to redeem it in-store, this can solved one of two ways:
    • If in-store gift cards are sold online (see above) create a BigCommerce order to purchase an in-store gift card, and use the online gift certificate to pay for the order. Process the order in the normal way to issue the in-store gift card.
    • Directly issue the in-store card in the matching amount, and using BigCommerce admin tools, disable the online gift certificate.
  • Convert an in-store gift certificate to online store credit
    Take the appropriate steps to disable or zero the gift card int he back office system. Using BigCommerce admin, create a customer in BigCommerce, or locate the existing customer. Enter the amount of the gift as "Store Credit". This will allow the customer to purchase online using this credit until it's exhausted, and pay any shortage with a standard payment method.

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