Exporting Products

To begin an export, select Export > Products from the File menu


Specify destination information and select whether to include products that are Family members:


If you plan to export all products with all fields, simply click OK to complete the export.

If you wish to specify which fields to export or filter the records for the export, click the Advanced tab.

In the field labeled Fields, specify the list of fields you'd like to export. A detailed list of field names and their purpose can be found in this article.


Filters can be a little tricky. If you have questions, please reach out to our support team for coaching (see phone number at the bottom of this article). The example below shows how to export for a specific brand. The field to reference for this filter is and the value to pass is the primary key of the brand, in this example 328; the filter expression, then is


You can look up the primary key of a brand by opening the Brand for, selecting the brand you want, and clicking the Status tab. The primary key is highlighted below:

Similarly, you can filter by category. In this case the field is, and the value is the primary key of the category. Again, the primary key value is visible on the Status tab of the Category form. To filter for the category "Accessories" below, the expression would be

Filter expressions and be combined with and and or to create complex expressions. For instance, to specify products the are of the brand listed above and also in the category listed above, the complex expression would be: and

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